Band History

Established in 2010

Where it all began

Dzieci PRL-u (Children of the People’s Republic of Poland) is a Polish rock band founded in 2010 in New York City. As the name suggests, the band’s style refers to the roots of contemporary Polish rock music, which was born when Poland was behind the Iron Curtain.

Dzieci PRL-u’s story began with a meeting of likeminded musical enthusiasts and the band’s first official concert was in May 2011 at Brooklyn’s famous B66 club.

Initially, Dzieci PRL-u performed mainly covers of songs by well-known Polish rock and punk bands like KSU, Uliczny Opryszek, Farben Lehre, Kult, Pidżama Porno, Strachy na Lachy, and Brygada Kryzys. Their sound was well received by audiences, prompting the musicians to branch out into creating their own material. 2017 turned out to be a breakthrough year, when the band’s debut studio album entitled “Rymowanki” was released. The disc contains seven original rock compositions and is soundly representative of the work of the group to date. Music videos were made for singles “Nadszedl Czas”, “Pankowa Rymowanka”, “Dzieci PRL-u” and “Miłość po ludzku”.

band on beach

Dzieci PRL-u has played dozens of concerts, also performing as support for such renowned artists as T.Love, Kazik na Żywo, Lady Pank, Natalia Kukulska, Róże Europy, Daab, Lombard, Perfect, Dżem, Kazik, and the ProForma Quartet. Dzieci PRL-u has participated in numerous charity concerts, most frequently and notably supporting the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

An online broadcast concert of Polish Christmas carols featuring band members and invited guests has become an annual tradition. In 2020, the band started a series of weekly live-streams on their YouTube channel, where their performance could be watched every Thursday.

After over a decade, the band has gained great recognition and many fans, enduringly making their mark on the history of the Polish-American music scene. The contribution of Dzieci PRL-u to the promotion of Polish culture in the United States remains invaluable.

Meet The Band

Dzieci PRL-u rehearse and record in their own studio located in Ridgewood, Queens, New York.

Dawid Czajka

Vocal, Bass

Piotr “Młody” Klassek

Rhythm Guitar

Paweł Klassek

Solo Guitar

Anna Pasternak


Paweł “Mieczu” Bernasiuk


Magda Czajka