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Dawid Czajka

(Also known as David)

Dawid Czajka

Vocals, Bass Guitar

Founder and leader of Dzieci PRL-u. Previously, he co-founded the formation Paradigm (in 2003-2006) and The Dagger (in 2006-2008).

Born on September 24, 1980 in Nowa Sarzyna.

Dawid comes from Leżajsk, where at the young age of 7 he began his journey into music, playing piano at a local music center. As a teenager, he found himself interested in playing the guitar: not only could he bring his music to a campfire, but he also realized that chicks dig a guy with a guitar.

He started his professional music career only after moving to the United States in 2003. He chose to trade his electric guitar for a bass guitar, because, as he likes to say, “There were always many guitarists”.

Initially, Dawid only played bass with Dzieci PRL-u; however, when the original vocalist left, he took over the microphone as well, and has not given it back since. He prides himself on constantly improving his vocal technique.

He looks for inspiration for his lyrics and music in everyday life: in love, politics, and religion. Many ideas come to him while driving and he always writes them down (once he’s parked, of course!)

Music is a kind of medium for him, an energy carrier, and a great escape from reality. He is of the opinion that music – regardless of style or genre – always carries positive energy and allows you to calm your emotions.

He currently lives in Holliswood, Queens, where he and his wife, Ania, are raising two daughters: Amelia and Maja. He also has two younger sisters: Magda and Marta. Magda has been the manager of Dzieci PRL-u for several years.

In addition to music, Dawid is interested in photography and video production. It is largely thanks to his passion for the camera that Dzieci PRL-u’s live-streamed concerts look and sound consistently professional. In looking to the future, he dreams of Dzieci PRL-u one day being part of a large tour in Poland and playing at some of the renowned venues there.

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Piotr “Młody” Klassek

(Also known as Peter)

Piotr “Młody” Klassek


Founder of the band Dzieci PRL-u and also its youngest member, to which he owes his musical nickname “Young”. He is creator of many of Dzieci PRL-u’s top songs.

Born on March 12, 1993 in Biłgoraj.

Piotr began playing guitar at age 12 and never looked back. In addition to the guitar, he is also the second voice of Dzieci PRL-u, singing harmonies alongside Dawid. Among his musical inspirations, he includes bands like Led Zeppelin, the Foo Fighters, and Metallica.

His versatile guitar technique emphasizes a strong, heavy sound but also compliments softer melodies. Philosophically, Piotr finds that music is an opportunity to relieve everyday frustration and create space to process stress. He loves that music attracts and connects many wonderful people.

He studied at Queensborough Community College, majoring in sound engineering. This expertise allows him to carry out many musical projects both within and outside of Dzieci PRL-u. His dream is to continue in his musical development, and eventually to play a larger concert tour in Poland, as well as to perform at the Pol’and’Rock Festival.

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Paweł Klassek

(Also known as Paul)

Paweł Klassek


His love for music was instilled in him by his father, a lover of rock and metal pioneers like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

Born on October 26, 1986 in Janów Lubelski.

As a teenager, Paweł had a dream in which he was playing the guitar. The dream stayed with him and inspired him to begin teaching himself to play at the age of 18.

The sound of the guitar, especially the heavier, more distorted tone, has fascinated him “since forever”. This fascination inspired his musical beginnings in “harsher” climates, playing for 12 years in the metal band Entropy, which he founded. He has been playing in Dzieci PRL-u since October 2016.

His greatest musical inspirations include such guitar giants as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Chuck Schuldiner – the founder of the band Death.

In Paweł’s opinion, every person has a need for expression, and music is his way of transforming negative emotions into something creative and positive.

These days, he focuses on continuous musical and professional development, believing that the greatest concerts and challenges are still ahead of Dzieci PRL-u. “I think we all agree on our goals,” he says. “We want to play big concerts and record better and better albums.”

In the moments when he isn’t making music, he likes to spend time in the kitchen, devoting himself to his second passion: cooking.

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Anna Pasternak

Anna Pasternak


The only woman and the only person with musical education in the band. A graduate of the 2nd degree music school in the violin class. She also completed Artistic Education in the field of Music Art at the University of Rzeszów.

Born on May 20, 1992 in Rzeszów.

Anna has 3 sisters: eldest Kasia, and two younger ones: Dominika and Izabela, who has Downs syndrome.

Anna is proud of her extensive stage experience. She began her career as a violinist at the age of 9 in her hometown Lutoryż. By the age of 12, she had also joined the Kalina ensemble, in which her parents sang. During her studies in Rzeszów, she performed in the Students’ Song and Dance Ensemble “POŁONINY”.

Singing with the Choir of the Faculty of Music of the University of Rzeszów, she took part in recording the live album “Nieszpory Ludźmierskie”, performing alongside such famous soloists as Hanna Banaszak, Grzegorz Turnau, Jacek Wójcicki, and Zbigniew Wodecki. She also performed in a concert series with these artists.

After coming to the United States in 2016, Anna played violin for the Polish American Folk Dance Company from 2016-2021. Currently, she is a member of the BQE Strings string quartet.

Anna has been appearing in Dzieci PRL-u since the beginning of 2021 and is certainly the most colorful character in the band. A real presence on stage, she is constantly experimenting with her unique aesthetic. Her trademark during concerts are her bright red shoes, of which she admits to already owning nearly 10 pairs!

Playing in a rock band has forced her to step outside her comfort zone of classical violin, taking up the electric violin with grace and style. This transition has also changed her approach to music, which she now treats as one great adventure. As she states, she is constantly looking for her path and musical space in a Dzieci PRL-u, constantly learning and experimenting.

Apart from music, Anna is passionate about Polish folklore. She also works in the pedagogical field, giving private violin lessons to children and teenagers.

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Paweł “Mieczu” Bernasiuk

(Also known as Paul)

Paweł “Mieczu” Bernasiuk


He started playing the drums relatively late, because it was only after the age of 20, and he became interested in the instrument itself quite unusually from playing with a drum kit on PlayStation.

Born on December 23, 1988 in Białystok.

He comes from Zambrów, where he grew up in a family with many children. In addition to a twin brother, Piotr, he has an older brother, Wojtek, and a sister, Ewa.

He started playing the drums comparatively late, after the age of 20. Interestingly, Paweł was first introduced to his passion for the drums while playing on the PlayStation! As he states, it gave him the necessary basics of the game, and also the inspiration to try the drums out in the real world.

He bought his first drum set from a friend and subsequently began jamming with his twin brother, Piotr (who at the same time became the happy owner of a guitar.) It was then that his fascination with the Dżem ensemble, and particularly the longtime drummer of this group, Zbigniew Szczerbiński, began. Although he emphasizes that it was Dżem that shaped him the most musically, Paweł does not want to limit himself to only one style of playing. He admires such drummers as John Bohnam from Led Zeppelin, Michał “Dimon” Jastrzębski from Lao Che, and Ringo Starr from The Beatles for their groundbreaking versatility. 

Paweł began playing in bands in 2013, starting out with Kran from Passaic, New Jersey. In 2015 he joined Sova of Philadelphia, and in 2019 he joined Atura also from Passaic, New Jersey. He continues to play with all three bands, additionally joining Dzieci PRL-u in 2021.

Paweł stresses that he cannot imagine his life without music and is always looking forward to the next concerts and studio recordings. He spends his free time playing on PlayStation, and reading autobiographies and books about mountains.

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